Physical Education
Kinard Middle School 2011-12
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The Physical Education Department is working to help students grow physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. We are excited to begin working on our personal fitness goals and ready to take the challenge on new activities. We are devoted to work with all students with a variety of abilities. We ask students to bring the same work ethic and attitude that they bring to each of their other classes to Physical Education! In short, KINARD CHARACTER comes with us everywhere!
Course Description: This class focuses on the new Comprehensive Health & Physical Education Standards.
Standard 1 - Movement Competence and Understanding
Standard 2 - Physical and Personal Wellness
Standard 3 - Emotional and Social Wellness
Standard 4 - Prevention and Risk Management
Materials Needed:
Physical Education Uniform (optional-compression shorts)
Athletic Shoes and Socks
Sweats for cooler weather
Toiletries for freshening up or showering (If you choose to shower, you must have a towel)
Something to pull hair back
Inhaler (if needed)
Learning Opportunities: will consist of in-class activities, homework, quizzes, participation and various forms of formative and summative assessments.
40%- Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards
40%- Daily Formative Practice*
20%-Summative Assessments
0%-Work Habits
*Daily Formative Practice is worth 20 points- students will be assessed in various ways based on the four state standards.
Make-Up work:
This is an activity class, absent students are responsible to make up the time missed. The “make up sheets” for students to complete for their absence is located on the website. Students need to print it out and complete it and turn it in within 2 weeks of the absence.